Saturday, July 3, 2010

Follow-up from Meeting Jeff Corwin

I should mention when Jeff Corwin and the Fish and Wildlife crew returned, they brought with them a single loggerhead—it looked to be around 175-200lbs (estimating the weight from the Aquarium’s very own Caretta—who I’m sure many of you know is a 250 loggerhead). The turtle they found seemed to be incredibly lethargic and looked to have some oil on his carapace (or back shell). They found him floating near a bed of sargassum, rescued the little (big) guy and brought him back to the lab. Mr. Corwin did film a quick segment on the docks, so if you watch his program, keep an eye out for a loggerhead found off Grand Isle, LA. The turtle was taken to the sea turtle and marine mammal rescue center I mentioned in a previous entry.

Right now, his future is looking a little brighter I hope. An easy way to help a sea turtle or dolphin from your own home is simply to shop using reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Just like the one we found during our surveys, plastic bags are lost or trashed and make their way to ocean waters. They are often eaten by marine life who cannot digest the synthetic material and may suffer or die as a result. Many stores give reusable bags away or charge $1.00 to purchase. It is absolutely worth the dollar to save animals suffering from our trash and every time you use these bags you can think about how much you are doing to help! Until next time, keep marine life on your mind and keep that mind Green!

photo courtsey of Flickr - Green Grocery Shopping Bag

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